• Python 2.7-3.+ including frameworks and libraries such as Django, Pelican, and Pandas

  • Celery, Flower, RabbitMQ, Redis, Nginx, Supervisor

  • HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery, Cytoscape, Chartsjs, Flot

  • Ajax, PHP, XML, Perl, JSON, APIs

  • Postgres, MySQL, SQLite

  • Photoshop, Gimp, Illustrator, Balsamiq

  • SVN, CVS, Mercurial, Git, Jira and Trello

  • Prefer Unix based OS's for development

  • Have worked with but not professionally -- Angular, React, Vue, Java SE/EE, Spring, Springboot, Android, Gradle, Docker, and Ansible


West Interactive

Software Analyst - Fullstack Web Developer • Oct, 2016 — Present

Member of an automation engineering team specializing in data visualization for internal departments.

  • Maintained and enhanced applications for internal departments to help automate their reporting processes.
  • Worked on a solution for manual testing through model driven test automation
  • Working on a solution to monitor progress on compliance and vulnerability remediation
  • Tools used-- Python, Django, Pandas, Bootstrap, Cytoscape, Chartjs, Flot, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, Postgres, Celery, Flower, RabbitMQ, Redis, Nginx, Supervisor, Mercurial, Git, Photoshop, Gimp, Illustrator, Balsamiq, Jenkins, and Jira
  • Recognized for excellent work with end users and stakeholders
  • Mentor interns and new team member on team dynamics and projects work flow
  • Mentoring two company members who are learning to code

West Interactive

Programmer Analyst • Nov, 2015 — Oct, 2016

  • Worked to enhance and maintain external client IVR (Interactive voice response) applications
  • Primary developer on one inbound application that lives on a Genesys Platform
  • Secondary developer on another inbound application that lived on a Holly Platform which is a West proprietary platform
  • Applications were created with a proprietary framework called Producer which generated VXML/PHP applications on build run
  • 100s of SQL queries and statements written to grab data and make changes to these data driven applications
  • JavaScript is used to configure a customer facing dashboard via the Producer application
  • Created high level and detailed documentation for a code base that had none

Interface Web School

Course Experience Manager • Aug, 2015 — Dec, 2016

  • Meet, interview, discuss and recommend students for courses
  • Meet one on one with students on regular intervals to discuss course progress
  • Be the student advocate and cheer leader through their course
  • Work closely with instructors to facilitate student performance evaluations and recommend placement opportunities
  • Provide information to students on upcoming events in the tech community related to the course and student goals
  • Connect and recommend mentoring partnerships for students
  • Coordinate/plan/facilitate student mixers & graduations


Django Girls Workshop

• Co-organizer and participant coach

Tech Omaha

• Co-organizer


• Co-organizer for the project and builder in the tech subgroup

Pyladies Remote

• Member

Women of West (Employee Relation Group)

• Coaching two women that are learning to code


Bellevue University

Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Systems Degree • 2016

Interface Web School

Java Developer Fullstack Course, Building responsive web applications • 2015

Metropolitan Community College

Associate of Science, Web application development • 2013